jueves, 15 de septiembre de 2011


Mixtape de descarga libre.... es el preludio "The vaccination" .. nuevo album del rapero canadiense Swann que vera la luz a finales de este 2011...

1. Swann, Anubis and Devilz-Speciez – Stuck In These Ways (Beat By Vherbal)
2. Swann – Reaper (Beat By Rza)
3. Methadist and Swann – Respect (Beat By Swann)
4. Swann – Lost (Beat By Potencia Incisive)
5. Swann – Death Train (Beat By Tha Soloist)
6. Anubis – Beautiful Day (Beat By Swann)
7. Swann, Robbie G and Phat Mat – Coming Of A New Age (Beat By Jantar Beats)
8. Methadist – A Blaze (Beat By Potencia Incisive)
9. Anubis, Swann and Devilz-Speciez – Untitled (Beat By Nevamind)
10. Tizic and Swann – Fuck Bling (Beat By Swann)
11. Swann and Reef The Lost Cauze – Get Slapped (Beat By J Nyce)
12. Matt Maddox and Swann – This Is Destiny (Beat By SeGa)
13. Swann and D Tha Suspect – Real Shit (Beat By Swann)
14. Impakt, Swann, Jah Youth, Methadist, Raw B Snatch and M Deezy – Cold World (Beat By Snowgoons) (Cuts By J Nyce)
15. Swann – Nature Of The Beast (Beat By Q-Unique)
16. Angerville and Swann – Fuck What U Heard (Beat By Anonymous Twist)
17. Swann, Anubis and Constantine The G – Psychopath 2 (Beat By J Nyce)
18. Anubis, Methadist and Swann – Below (Beat By Necro)
19. Swann – Fuck You (Beat By Sicknature) (Cuts By TMB)


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